12 Things You Learn Becoming a Swim Parent

    by Olivier Poirer-Leroy

    The swimmer and swim parent lifestyle is no joke.

    Week-long competitions, full days at the pool, and a season that never truly ends.

    From fashion to lingo being a swim parent is just as much about adopting the world of swimming as your kid.

    Here are 12 of the things you learn on your way to becoming a swim parent:

    1. The world is more than 2/3’s covered with water. Otherwise how to explain the never ending pile of damp towels? The wet suits hanging off every door in the house? The soggy butt marks on the car seat, the couch, and even on the dog? Your whole world is wet. All. The. Time.

    2. If you close your eyes for just a few moments you miss your kid’s race.Only swim parents can understand the frustration of going to a day-long swim meet and missing the only :30 seconds your swimmer actually competed.

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