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    11 Things That Separate the Good Swimmer from the Great Swimmer

    By Brittany Oxley

    “This is the difference between being good and being great.”

    That quote has been engrained in my head since I started swimming at 6 years old. I believe every coach I have ever swum for has said those words.

    But what really is the difference between good…

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    The Unsung Heroes of Summer Swim Leagues

    by Kaitlin Balasaygun, Swimming World College Intern

    The golden glimmers of sunset dance in reflections across the pool’s rippling surface, as swimmers both new and old gather in their lanes for the start of practice. A symphony of squealing 7-year-olds complaining about the cold water coincides with the repeating…

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    Is The Fun Back? Summer Swim Teams Working Toward 2021 Season

    by Kaitlin Balasaygun, Swimming World College Intern

    Baking underneath the hazy July sun lies the heart of distant summer memories for swimmers of all ages. As the smells of spraying sunscreen and fresh chlorine rising off the pool’s surface intermingle, a happiness like no other saturates the atmosphere. High-pitched…

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    25th Annual Bob Dillon Ocean Mile Swim

    The Wall High School Swim Team is hosting the 25th Bob Dillon Ocean Mile in August at Sea Girt Beach.  Please consider participating and making this year's event one to remember.  Click here for the registration flyer.

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    An Open Letter to Summer League Swimming

    By Molly Griswold, Swimming World College Intern.

    The palms of your hands grip your elbows, eyes wandering up and down the length of the pool. You triple-check the event, heat, lane and stroke grid etched in Sharpie on your arm to ensure you’re in the right place. Your head frantically…

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    As a swimmer, you spend countless hours training in the pool or in racing situations and you share those experiences with only a handful of people — your teammates. You sweat together, fight with each other, stare at a black line together, and compete against each…

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    Fixing Swimming's Burnout Problem Isn't That Simple

    Article by Ben Colin

    The words “burned out” infiltrate the swimming vocabulary much more frequently these days. But as swimmers hang up their goggles and caps for good, the reason why isn’t quite as simple as one may think.

    Often, sport specialization is blamed as the cause for a lack…

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    Courtesy of Elizabeth Wickham

    When my kids were little and new to our swim team, we never thought about college scholarships. After all, we didn’t know if our kids would stick through one season of swimming, let alone 10 plus years of it. I remember parents of older kids who…

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    Why Learn Several Different Swimming Strokes?

    Learning several different swimming strokes requires patience but has its rewards.

    Are you wondering if learning all the different swimming strokes makes sense? Or if sticking to your favorite swim stroke is enough?

    For example, you may be a beginner triathlete being able to swim breaststroke. But you’d like to…

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    12 Things You Learn Becoming a Swim Parent

    by Olivier Poirer-Leroy

    The swimmer and swim parent lifestyle is no joke.

    Week-long competitions, full days at the pool, and a season that never truly ends.

    From fashion to lingo being a swim parent is just as much about adopting the world of swimming as your kid.

    Here are 12…

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