The Unsung Heroes of Summer Swim Leagues

    by Kaitlin Balasaygun, Swimming World College Intern

    The golden glimmers of sunset dance in reflections across the pool’s rippling surface, as swimmers both new and old gather in their lanes for the start of practice. A symphony of squealing 7-year-olds complaining about the cold water coincides with the repeating echo of “Take your mark, go!”

    Coaches stand tall and proud in front of their team, ranging from kindergartners to high school seniors, whom they will try to transform into advanced swimmers by the end of the summer. Throughout this process, swimmers grow to admire their summer league coaches, as a clear sense of coaches’ passion and determination for their swimmers to improve illuminates in even the toughest of practices.

    Often starting out with a group of children who struggle to complete one lap, summer league coaches do their very best to not only have their swimmers excel, but also fall in love with the sport of swimming. However, all of the coaches’ hard work and dedication to their swimmers would mean nothing without the help of the unsung heroes of summer swim leagues.

    Working behind the scenes in positions that most swimmers do not even realize exist, volunteers for summer swim leagues bend over backwards each year doing whatever they can to ensure that their team, meets and season run smoothly.

    “What work isn’t involved!” laughed chairman of the Monmouth County Swimming Conference (MCSC) Adam Yee. “Normally, this position involves running and organizing the league, creating schedules and discussing potential rule changes. But, I also feel like I’m the one that makes sure every team has and submits what they need.”

    From verifying roster submissions to confirming facilities’ insurances, Yee takes part in everything needed to operate a swim league and then some. Putting in roughly five hours of work a day toward the MCSC, while also balancing a full-time job and parenting his three sons, Yee’s schedule is clearly filled. Despite all of this, Yee has continued volunteering in various league positions for the past seven years. 

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